May 2020

It was a black day when our 5-month-old greyhound jumped out of the tailgate from a height of about 1.80 meters. The result was a greyhound screaming terribly in pain with an open fracture on the front leg. Less than 40 minutes later we were in one of the best small animal clinics in northern Germany - in Norderstedt. His leg was initially immobilized and bandaged so that he could wait for the next possible surgery appointment the next day.

And so the next day, a remarkably long scar, a metal plate with screws, was added to his leg. After being picked up from the operating room and having had several bandage changes in the Rothenbaumchaussee veterinary clinic, he had almost recovered:

But then the unbelievable happened - Monty jumped out of my dog ​​carrier bag and broke his other leg...

First Monty broke his right leg... then his left leg 😩 just unbelievable!

Since then, little Monty has been nicknamed "rupture pilot" at the clinic.

The story continues shortly.

Update (April 2021)

Monty is fine. At the end of last year most of the screws in the panels were removed. After another period of rest, a control photograph was taken - the bone has healed well and the remaining holes are also closed.
Last week another photograph was taken. The surgeon's recommendation: leave the plates in, as no change (regression) can be seen in the bone. Another argument for me, which I learned in several Facebook groups, was that wind chimes tend to break their leg again when the plate is removed. An absolute horror scenario.
Here you can see how Monty's "inside" looks now.
Has a bit of the Terminator...

left: Monty (Italian Greyhound) broken leg before removing the screws. Right: broken leg after removing the screws

Here is an addendum for those currently affected:

Monty inspired us with his accidents to develop a bag that you can use to carry such small accident pilots around and the bag can also be used for many cases after recovery: The so-called Puppy Bag