Puppies often have worms. Experienced dog owners know this. Therefore, a worming treatment is carried out regularly at the beginning. Only sometimes does the diarrhea come back despite multiple worming treatments, cleaning the entire house and washing all the dog things. Our Monty struggled with this - he kept passing slimy, jelly-like poop, sometimes even a frightening red colour. With another wormer, a dossier and the reassurance that he has giardia, we were sent home from the emergency clinic. Giardia is extremely contagious and very resilient.

Again all 3 of our dogs had to do the cure. The whole house was scrubbed, all laundry including dog cushions and sofa covers were washed. Everything was good. But 2 weeks later it was time again for Monty: extreme diarrhea! This time we drove to the clinic of our heart in the Rothenbaumchaussee. An old “housewife trick” (what a stupid word) was revealed to us.

An old "housewife trick" against diarrhea

The Morosche carrot soup is one of the best home remedies for diarrhea. By the way, also for humans!
We coat the inside of the small intestine with this homemade carrot soup – before or with every meal. Harmful gut germs like Giardia hate this sugar coating.

The recipe was first published at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1908, the renowned Austrian pediatrician Ernst Moro, who was working as a senior physician at the children's clinic at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich at the time, managed to drastically reduce the mortality and complication rates of children with diarrhea by administering this carrot soup. Moro prepared the soup according to old home recipes, saving the lives of many children in his area.

The Carrot Soup Recipe

For the Morosche carrot soup, only half a kilo of peeled carrots are boiled in one liter of water for a longer period of time, at least 90 minutes. After straining, the carrots are mashed. The soup is then made up to one liter with boiling water and 3 g of salt are added.

Another little tip

Since we barf, but raw meat isn't helpful at that moment, we boil the meat and put some in the soup so the pets can at least have some fun eating it.