It started harmlessly in the fall.

Every Labrador owner knows: An eternally hungry Labrador catches its treats - wherever they fly. But with Lotte it didn't work so well anymore. And day by day her eyesight got worse and worse. It may have been as little as 4 weeks before she couldn't see anything.

A CT of the head, an eye examination only revealed that one eye is slightly behind the optic nerve. Whatever it is, the ophthalmologist has explained to us that it cannot be operated on, if that is the reason at all, since she has lost sight in both eyes.

With lots of tears and a long and unsuccessful research, we had to watch as poor Lotte became more and more insecure and ran into everyone. Stairs were a nightmare for her.

Anyone who has experienced this believes that nothing will be better. But we all learned a lot.

A dog can be happy despite being blind!

Our tip:

Check out Facebook. There are groups of owners with blind or blind-going dogs. The comfort you find there is a nice side benefit, but the tips and advice are a real help. It is the owners who have the courage to believe that things will get better and better! Lotte can now see with her nose and is almost as happy as before. Even playing with the ball is still a lot of fun for her, as you can easily see in our video.

  • Get toys that make noise
  • Let them search for hidden treats
  • Don't move the furniture
  • And praise your totally insecure dog all day long - everything is new for him to learn and very difficult
  • Mark your dog with a cloth or badge as a sign for the blind. Some pedestrians dodge not stubbornly, just because they don't know your dog is blind.