Old dogs and their peculiarities

There is strength in stillness. Some senior dogs may think something like that when they trot along at a leisurely pace on a walk. While he used to be full of energy and zest for action, he now needs much longer for everything. However, old dogs are usually not only slower, they also develop various peculiarities. And as a dog granny owner, I can sing a long song about them.

What peculiarities can be and when a dog is considered old, I'll tell you that and more in this article.

When is a dog old?

The differences between our dogs are so great that there is no general answer to this question. From when a dog is old depends on various points.

These are:

  • his race
  • its size
  • his genetics

Changes in behavior in old dogs

Many a change in the behavior of your four-legged friend can have physical causes. For example, if your dog has problems with its teeth, this can affect its eating behavior. An enthusiastic glutton suddenly becomes a picky eater. The same applies to four-legged friends who suffer from aching joints. These won't jump around as happily as they did when they were young.

Common behavioral changes in old dogs are the following:

  • Suddenly the dog is no longer housebroken.
  • He doesn't like long walks anymore.
  • He's tired of playing.
  • He can no longer orient himself well.
  • He seems forgetful.

If you have a senior dog yourself, you are probably familiar with such behaviors. But what about the ones that seem like a quirk? You'll find out in the next section.

The peculiarities of old dogs

Old dogs are often associated with traits such as being stubborn or lazy. But are they really? The fact is that a senior dog has a lot of life experience. He knows what he likes and doesn't like. But sometimes it can also happen that he develops completely new preferences that he didn't have before. One four-legged friend becomes extremely picky about his food preferences as he gets older. The other suddenly eats things he didn't like before.

My senior Jule is 15 years old and for the last two years she has been doing things that she has spurned all her life. When eating cucumber, zucchini or cauliflower, she used to wrinkle her dog's nose in disgust and run away indignantly. For some time now I have been unable to eat all of this in peace because she really wants to eat something. And because it makes her happy, she's allowed to snack on it.

Many dog ​​owners also report that their furry friend has internalized a fixed rhythm that he irrevocably sticks to. The food has to be in the bowl by 6 p.m. sharp, otherwise the old four-legged friend will demand it.

And then there are the senior dogs that don't seem to hear anymore. Loud calls just bounce off them, even if you're standing next to them. But alas, you open a yoghurt cup very quietly, they will notice. Maybe you also have an old dog that only walks at a crawl. However, as soon as he sees a cat, he runs like a youngster.

Stubborn or not stubborn?

We humans tend to label such behavior as stubbornness. We tend to forget that we, too, develop quirky idiosyncrasies as we age.These result from our character, our personal preferences as well as our mental and physical condition. It is the same with our dogs. You're not stubborn to get one over on us. They are simply solidified in their essence.

When I go for a walk with Jule, I am often confronted with her funny stubborn old age. Where it is safe for her, she is still allowed to walk off a leash and at her own pace. And this pace is slow, very slow. But alas, I want to put her on a leash, she'll notice.

As soon as I stand next to her and reach for the dishes, she runs away from me as if stung by a tarantula. She makes a game out of my catching her and develops an unexpected speed. Every time I'm surprised how agile and fast she can be at once. This peculiarity only developed in her last year and gives her great pleasure. I take it with humor and am now practiced at waiting for the right moment to put the leash on.

Old dogs are adorable

Just as puppies are valued for their playful, inquisitive, and lively demeanor, senior dogs also bring unique traits. Many of them impress with their calm and serenity. They appear wise and are experienced. Throughout their lives, they have learned what they like and dislike. What they want and what not. She has every right to say so.

Whether they are stubborn, picky, lethargic or forgetful, all of these things make old dogs especially endearing. Meet the peculiarities of your senior with understanding and a pinch of humor, this will make life easier for both of you.