Checked out: "Kevin" Dog Jumper

You may have noticed that Sofa Dog Wear has an all 'Kevin' range of dog jumpers. Then it may be that you have already asked yourself what all the different names of the versions are all about and what makes them special. The different "Kevin" variants differ mainly in terms of colour, look, cut and material. This may be confusing, so we want to give you an overview of the most important variants in our first post in our blog series "Scrutinized".

The various “Kevin” dog jumpers:

The dog jumper classic "Kevin Vol. 3"

Starting with "Kevin Vol. 3", the classic and pioneer of the Kevin variants. It is wonderfully soft and consists of two thin layers of microfleece, yet it is pleasantly warm. Due to the thin, soft fabric, it is also suitable as a permanent leak protection and heat source for sick dogs. Of all the variants, this "Kevin Vol.3" is the thinnest edition.

  • The thinnest material among the Kevin models
  • Consists of two thin layers of microfleece
  • Colors: red, purple, light gray, dark gray...
  • Material: 100% PES 2 x 140 g/m2
  • Price: from €24
The classic remastered "Kevin Vol. 2"

The classic is of course also available in a revised new edition - the "Kevin Vol. 2" has been improved in terms of cut, decorated with a new label on the neck and spiced up with a new material - a thermal material in knitted fleece- Optics.

  • Remastered reissue with improved form
  • Different look: knitted fleece
  • Label on the neck
  • Thermal material for warmth
  • Colours: mocha, beige, aloe vera, fuchsia...
  • Material: 100% PES 280g/m2
  • Price: from €29.50

The most exclusive "Jumper Exclusive"

The "Kevin Exclusive" scores with its even higher quality frame - because this edition consists of 50% wool and thus offers special robustness, warmth and quality.
  • Very high quality wool blend fabric
  • Even in the cold and damp, it keeps you warm and dry thanks to the high proportion of natural wool
  • Colours: grey, anthracite
  • Material: 50% wool, 50% PES
  • Price: from €70

The casual "Kevin Jumper Hoody"

The "Kevin Jumper Hoody" is for the particularly cool 4-legged friends who want to make a special statement - whether with the color or the super-casual cut. This Kevin edition achieves nonchalance with its new hood. Of course, the special Kevin quality of this series is retained.

  • special statement through hood
  • usual quality
  • Colors: black, various neon colors
  • Material: 100% PES 280g/m2
  • Price: €31.50