How to find the right dog leash

Dog leashes come in all shapes, colors, materials, patterns and lengths. With such a wide range to choose from, it seems difficult to choose just one. Should it be a chic leash for going out or one for jogging? A particularly long one so that your dog can move freely or rather a short one so that you can control it better? Is the leash for a very large or very small dog?

All these factors play a role in the choice. In this article you will find out what is important when it comes to the right dog leash.

Find the right dog leash

What do you want to use the leash for? You should clarify this question in order to decide on a model. For pure city walks you can use a different leash than when you want to romp through fields and meadows with your furry friend. When you go to a restaurant, you need a shorter leash than when you train at the dog park. Not only the right length is important in your selection, but also the right material.

If you have a puppy, you should bear in mind that when you go for a walk, it may bite the leash and break it with its sharp teeth. Either you decide on a particularly robust material or you buy a cheap line that you later replace with another. You should also consider the different weather conditions, which not every material can withstand equally.

Leather Linen

Leather is robust and feels comfortable in the hand. However, if a leather leash gets wet, it will soak up the water. This makes her heavier. Basically, leather weighs more than other materials and needs maintenance to avoid cracking.

Nylon Linen

Nylon is also very durable and also tear-resistant. Compared to leather, it weighs less and it can be machine washed. However, it is important that the leash is well made, otherwise it can fray when washed.

Biothane linen

Biothane is a polyester fabric coated with different types of plastic. It looks like leather, but is completely waterproof and dirt-repellent. Linens made from Biothane come in all sorts of colors and lengths.

The right length of the dog leash

There are also a few things to consider when it comes to the length of the leash. For example, if you have a very small dog like a Chihuahua, you will need a longer leash than for a Great Dane. After all, your four-legged friend should be able to move freely and not be dragged behind by you on the leash.

The nature of your animal also plays a role in the purchase decision. Some dogs need a greater distance from their human than others. You probably know that uncomfortable feeling when a person gets too close to you and you try to avoid them. This is no different with dogs. If you keep such a four-legged friend too close to you, it can stress him out and he will try to build some distance. This may cause him to pull to avoid you.

And then there is the question of where you want to stay with your dog. If you are out and about in fields and meadows, a very long leash can be useful. So your dog has a lot of freedom of movement and is under control at the same time. In a city, on the other hand, the main purpose of the leash is to lead your dog safely. He should not be exposed to any danger and at the same time should not pose a danger to others.

So what is the right length for a dog leash?

Basically, you have more control over your animal with a shorter leash than with a long one. Imagine you are in a city with a lot of traffic. There can always be an unforeseeable moment when your furry friend reacts surprisingly. To ensure the safety of all road users and your dog, the leash should be approx. 1.60 to a maximum of 2.00 meters long . Leashes that you can adjust in length are practical.

Tow lines are absolutely unsuitable for city visits, as they are difficult to handle. If you have to react quickly, you're stuck with a tow line. It can also happen that other people trip over it or get tangled up. Tow lines therefore only belong in the great outdoors or on a training ground.

Even flexile lines can be problematic in the city if you don't use them properly. Depending on the model, they are up to 8 meters long and roll up again automatically. Your dog has more freedom of movement on such a retractable leash. At the same time, this can be disturbing or even dangerous for other people. If you are careless when handling and the line stretches across the path, this can lead to accidents.

If you want to do sports with your dog, there are also suitable leashes for this purpose. A jogger leash can be worn on the waist or wrist. So you don't have to hold the leash and you have your hands free. In addition, jogger leashes are usually stretchable to soften a sudden jolt.


When deciding on a leash, it is about the well-being and safety of your animal as well as the safety of those around you. Therefore, a leash for city visits should be approx. 1.60 to a maximum of 2.00 meters long. So you have your animal well under control.

A leash that is too short can cause stress in some dogs. But even they should only be given enough space so that they do not pose a danger. Flexi lines require responsible handling. If you are somewhere else with your thoughts, it can have bad consequences. Tracking leashes are good for training purposes and for walks in the great outdoors where your dog cannot or must not be off the leash.