Can a dog sleep in the bed?

"What, your dog can sleep in the bed? That's not possible at all!” Whether or not a four-legged friend should be taken to bed with you is a hot topic. For some, it goes without saying that their animal friend sleeps next to them. For others, the very thought of it is unimaginable. Not only hygienic aspects are given as justification, there is also talk of educational problems.

There are some good reasons why a dog should sleep in the bed. In this article you will find out which are in favor and which are against.

Are dogs allowed to sleep in the bed?

There are numerous dog owners who share their bed with their furry friend. Are all these dogs spoiled and dancing on their humans' noses? No definitely not. It can even have positive effects if a four-legged friend is allowed to sleep in the bed. This is for the following reasons.

Good for education
Yes, you read that right. Contrary to many other claims, it can have a positive effect on the upbringing of your four-legged friend if he is allowed to sleep in your bed. How so? Because it takes trust to share your sleeping space with someone. This trust is the basis for a successful upbringing. If your animal feels comfortable around you, it is easier to train than one that is afraid of you. So you can rest easy. Your dog won't take the reins of parenting because he's allowed to sleep in your bed.

It makes you happy
For me it is a real feeling of happiness when my dog ​​Merle sleeps soundly next to me. I could watch her do it for hours, even if my own sleep is then neglected. From time to time she annoys me when she is looking for the right lying position or when she is spreading herself. But a satisfied panting from her and all that is quickly forgotten. And so do many other dog owners. Taking your four-legged friend to bed makes them happy.

There are many people who live alone and feel lonely in their bed. A living being by your side whose breathing you can hear and whose body heat you can feel gives you security. At the same time, his presence is associated with a feeling of security. This in turn helps you relax better. Conversely, your dog feels the same way.

Good for bonding
Allowing your dog to sleep in the bed will strengthen the bond between you. A special hormone is released when you cuddle or have close physical contact. This is called oxytocin and is also known as the cuddle hormone. For example, it helps to strengthen bonds, build trust, and reduce stress and anxiety. The proximity can be very beneficial, especially for an insecure or anxious dog.

Besides all the reasons that speak for it, I don't want to sweep the others under the carpet. In some cases - or with some skins - it's not a good idea to take them to bed with you. You'll find out why in the next section.

Why a dog shouldn't sleep in bed

As long as it doesn't bother you and there are no problems when your dog is in bed, it's perfectly fine. It looks different when your four-legged friend defends the bed. If so, you should choose another place to sleep for him.

This also applies if it disturbs you while you sleep.Did he sleep well in the morning but you were totally exhausted because he was restless at night or pushed you out of bed? Then your own dog bed is the better solution

He should also move out of the bed if there is a small child in it. Especially with a very large dog there is a risk that he will lie down on the child. Associated with this is the risk that the child will no longer be able to breathe.

The hygienic aspect mentioned by many also plays a role. A dog loses hair. One more, the other less. I can understand if you don't want these in your bed and your four-legged friend should therefore sleep somewhere else. You should also keep in mind that your hairy friend can carry other animals in his fur, such as fleas or ticks. If you want to minimize this risk, good grooming and parasite protection are important.

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What do you do as a multi-dog owner?

I've now told you the pros and cons of whether a dog is allowed in bed. If you live with several dogs, there are additional questions that you should consider.

On the one hand, it matters whether the dogs get along well with each other or whether sleeping in the same bed can cause problems. In addition, some dogs do not like being so close to their human or dog pal, for example my Jule. She loves her dog pillow and wouldn't leave it for the world.

You should also consider whether the dogs in bed cause problems between you and your partner.

  • Do you still have enough space?
  • Do any of you feel neglected or jealous?

It may sound strange, but it exists and should be respected.

Dog in bed - yes or no?

You alone make the decision whether your dog is allowed to sleep in the bed or not. What others think about it is not important. It only counts if you feel comfortable with it and if it doesn't cause any problems. A compromise is also possible. Maybe some nights your furry friend will be allowed in your bed and other nights you won't want to share it.

There are some good reasons for allowing it. Not only for you, but also for him there is a nice feeling of closeness and intimacy.