Cashmere: gentle warmth for your dog

Imagine it's winter. A cold wind is blowing, the temperatures are fresh. What do you do to keep yourself nice and warm? That's right, you put on appropriate clothing. Many a dog also needs a warm sweater so that it does not freeze. For example, greyhounds only have a minimal layer of fat and very short fur with no undercoat. In rain, snow, and cold winds, they need appropriate protection to keep them warm.

Dog sweaters made of cashmere are suitable for this. Now you can find out what makes it so special and where the wool comes from.

Cashmere dog sweater

When thinking about cashmere wool, most people immediately think of terms like noble, soft and cuddly. Cashmere products provide cozy warmth and are very popular because of their high quality. What could be more obvious than knitting a sweater for dogs out of high-quality wool? In this way you protect your darling from cold temperatures and at the same time make it a real eye-catcher. Because a dog sweater made of cashmere not only warms, it also looks chic.

Benefits of cashmere

Cashmere, the finest wool in the world. In such high tones, people rave about this natural fiber for good reason. It nestles gently against the body and regulates the body climate in a completely natural way - not only in humans but also in dogs. The natural material is particularly beneficial for animals with skin problems, because it doesn't scratch and retains heat six times better than conventional wool.

Other advantages of cashmere are:

  • it is breathable,
  • it dries quickly,
  • It's water-resistant,
  • it is stain resistant and
  • it is tear resistant.

The water-repellent property results from the fact that cashmere absorbs moisture quickly and wicks it away to the outside. The fact that it also repels dirt is also a plus. And although cashmere fibers are very fine, they are still robust. All this makes wool the perfect material for an exclusive dog sweater.

Cashmere from Mongolia

Perhaps you are wondering how cashmere is obtained and where it comes from? We use cashmere wool from Mongolia. The prevailing climatic conditions there are extreme: in winter it is freezing cold with temperatures down to minus 40 degrees, in summer they can climb to over 20 degrees. The cashmere goat from which the wool comes lives in the high mountains at almost 4000 meters altitude. With its long fur, it is ideally adapted to the icy conditions and needs it to form the warming undercoat. This is combed out at the beginning of spring, not clipped. A goat provides just 150 to 200 grams of wool per year. After combing, the fibers are sorted and cleaned according to their color. Only then is the wool processed further and, for example, spun into yarn or dyed.

How to properly care for cashmere

With the right care, you and your four-legged friend can enjoy their sweater for a long time. It is best to hand wash in cold or lukewarm water. Avoid soaking the sweater. It is better to wash it as soon as possible. Be careful not to rub it, as this can cause tangles.

After washing by hand, carefully squeeze out the pullover and dry it lying down on a dry cloth.If you hang it up, it can happen that it loses its shape and that would be a shame. It is also important that you do not dry the cashmere sweater in direct sunlight or on the radiator. Better give the material some time, it likes that better.


High-quality cashmere is a noble natural material that is more than worth its price. Due to its skin-friendliness, it is particularly suitable for sensitive dogs such as greyhounds. Another plus is that cashmere repels dirt, odors and water. But its warming properties are at the forefront. With a sweater made of cashmere, your four-legged friend will get through the cold season healthy, happy and chic at the same time.